Citrus fruits for health benefits

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The kontent of vit. c in oranges beneficial to lower the risk of colon cancer hali attack is because grapefruit can help repel free radicals that can cause dna damage. vit. c also has a function as the immune system, for example, to ward off the flu and prevent infection of the ear. The kontent of antioxidants in oranges can work effectively protect the skin from damage caused by free radicals due. these free radicals cause aging of the skin.

The kontent of vit. b6 in oranges act to support the production of hemoglobin. magnesium can keep blood pressure remained in the normal condition.

Fiber in citrus fruits that contain natural sugar, fructose can help maintain blood sugar levels stable. because the function is very good orange dikonsusmsi by diabetics and prevent the onset of diabetes to those who have contracted the disease.

The kontent of beta-cryptoxanthin, a carotenoid in fruits and other vegetables such as orange-red oranges, corn and pumpkins can lower the risk of cancer disease of the lungs.

Orange juice may be useful for treating fevers, hemorrhoids can cause bleeding disorders, help reduce excess acid in the blood, urine and facilitate.

Oranges useful for treating asthma, bronchitis, colds, and gastrointestinal disorders by making a sweet concoction of lemon juice, honey, salt, and a little pepper.

Benefit is very much orange, each according to its jenis, be it for seasoning, the manufacture of lemon tea, or to be eaten immediately. nausea when hungry or being thirsty and orange can make the nausea that is felt will disappear. unique taste with the water kontent of vit. c rich citrus fruit memilliki make its own advantages.

In addition to some of the benefits of citrus fruit mentioned above, this refreshing fruit flavor also has health benefits. with a water kontent are many, many different types of vitamins, minerals and other essential substances it contains, orange is very useful as :

  • Antioxidants, this substance is very good for healthy skin to protect against free radical attack that can damage skin health.
  • penormal blood pressure and helps the body to produce hemoglobin.
  • Antibodies and helps the immune system. it contains vit. c can make the body protected from the flu, reducing the risk of cancer of the colon, as well as easy to avoid damage to the dna.
  • Guard the stability of blood sugar levels and may help to prevent diabetes, due to the high fiber kontent.
  • That orange benefits for life, be it in the public interest or special. so, you should make it a habit to consume citrus fruit regularly for good health and our lives.

How to consume this orange is very easy and practical, whether it be eaten directly or made orange juice. however, for some types of citrus that tastes sour, it can be added sweeteners like sugar and honey while taking it.

Similarly, a brief description of citrus fruit, interesting is not it ? besides citrus fruit known as a fruit with great taste and refreshing it also has many properties and benefits, especially for health.

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