Citrus fruits for health benefits

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The kontent of vit. c in oranges beneficial to lower the risk of colon cancer hali attack is because grapefruit can help repel free radicals that can cause dna damage. vit. c also has a function as the immune system, for example, to ward off the flu and prevent infection of the ear. The kontent of antioxidants in oranges can work effectively protect the skin from damage caused by free radicals due. these free radicals cause aging of the skin.

The kontent of vit. b6 in oranges act to support the production of hemoglobin. magnesium can keep blood pressure remained in the normal condition.

Fiber in citrus fruits that contain natural sugar, fructose can help maintain blood sugar levels stable. because the function is very good orange dikonsusmsi by diabetics and prevent the onset of diabetes to those who have contracted the disease.

The kontent of beta-cryptoxanthin, a carotenoid in fruits and other vegetables such as orange-red oranges, corn and pumpkins can lower the risk of cancer disease of the lungs.

Orange juice may be useful for treating fevers, hemorrhoids can cause bleeding disorders, help reduce excess acid in the blood, urine and facilitate.

Oranges useful for treating asthma, bronchitis, colds, and gastrointestinal disorders by making a sweet concoction of lemon juice, honey, salt, and a little pepper.

Benefit is very much orange, each according to its jenis, be it for seasoning, the manufacture of lemon tea, or to be eaten immediately. nausea when hungry or being thirsty and orange can make the nausea that is felt will disappear. unique taste with the water kontent of vit. c rich citrus fruit memilliki make its own advantages.

In addition to some of the benefits of citrus fruit mentioned above, this refreshing fruit flavor also has health benefits. with a water kontent are many, many different types of vitamins, minerals and other essential substances it contains, orange is very useful as :

  • Antioxidants, this substance is very good for healthy skin to protect against free radical attack that can damage skin health.
  • penormal blood pressure and helps the body to produce hemoglobin.
  • Antibodies and helps the immune system. it contains vit. c can make the body protected from the flu, reducing the risk of cancer of the colon, as well as easy to avoid damage to the dna.
  • Guard the stability of blood sugar levels and may help to prevent diabetes, due to the high fiber kontent.
  • That orange benefits for life, be it in the public interest or special. so, you should make it a habit to consume citrus fruit regularly for good health and our lives.

How to consume this orange is very easy and practical, whether it be eaten directly or made orange juice. however, for some types of citrus that tastes sour, it can be added sweeteners like sugar and honey while taking it.

Similarly, a brief description of citrus fruit, interesting is not it ? besides citrus fruit known as a fruit with great taste and refreshing it also has many properties and benefits, especially for health.
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Benefits of Orgasm Is Good For Your Health and Your Partner.

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Achieving orgasm is a lot of people desire when making love with your beloved spouse. in addition to your partner happy, it turns out there are several

benefits of orgasm is good for your health and your partner.

1. Mr. p and ms. v stay healthy

Orgasms make you healthy genital organs. extra stimulation of orgasm makes the blood flowing to the genital tissues, keeping him fresh. for best results, you

have to reach orgasm at least once a week.

2. Increase endurance sick

By achieving orgasm, your endurance to pain is increased. the reason, a study stating that a good orgasm can double endurance sick. not only that, an orgasm

is an analgesic, not the anesthetic, which means it can suppress pain without affecting sensitivity to touch.

3. Protect your heart

Sexual activity and orgasm may reduce stress because it produces a hormone called oxytocin or cuddling that comes with orgasm. research also indicates that

orgasms can make your blood pressure lower blood pressure while high can trigger a heart attack.

4. Sleep more soundly

Orgasm turned out to help you sleep better. in addition to increasing confidence and bond between you and your partner, oxytocin also triggers the production

of endorphins. endorphin this often has the effect drugging. so, do not be surprised if you sleep well after having an orgasm.

5. Lose weight

To stay in shape and lose weight, orgasm is one way. having sex for 30 minutes apparently also burn your calories. in a half-hour session, you can burn at

least 200 calories, of course, include one to three times orgasm.
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Active Sex During Pregnancy Benefits Many

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Sex during pregnancy is safe and it is strongly recommended by the doctors. as long as the pregnancy is healthy and strong, having sex while pregnant actually provides many benefits for both the wife and husband. Uf bagazi obstetricians, spog of brawijaya woman & children hospital said, sex during pregnancy can be done from the first to the third trimester, depending on the convenience of the family.

Convenience sex varies depending on the individual. generally women experience a decline in interest related to the early trimester so maybe they do not feel comfortable. some women may not feel it, but felt uncomfortable in the last trimester because her belly was huge, said bagazi.

Nevertheless, many of the benefits of the activities of sex during pregnancy. here bagazi menuturkannya some of them.

1. Increase intimacy
Not only meet the biological needs, will increase the intimacy sex couples. when pregnant women tend to devote his attention to her pregnancy so that may make intimacy slightly reduced.

2. Improve blood circulation
Sex triggers the production of adrenaline and increased heart rate, thus increasing blood circulation. increased blood circulation to improve the supply of oxygen to the entire body, including to the fetus.

3. Analgesic
Activities of sex with a partner will increase the production of the happy hormone erdorfin. this hormone can reduce pain so that it serves as an analgesic.

4. Smooth skin
Having sex while pregnant can make your skin smoother. the reason, sex hormone estrogen helps improve the skin smooth.

5. Burn fat
Sex activity has been shown to increase fat burning, as well as that done during pregnancy. then sex activity may help keep the weight does not rise excessively in pregnancy.

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Spinach Benefits For the Body

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Almost all walks of life in this country certainly never eat this one jenis of vegetable. spinach is already so popular in the eyes of society as a vegetable that not only can be a friend to eat rice, but also a lot of benefits contained therein. because of this, many people who have known efficacy of spinach, so prioritize to eat spinach every day.

Utilization of spinach as a vegetable is done by almost all the world indonesia is no exception. many people are interested in eating spinach because this vegetable contains nutrients that are beneficial to health.

Vegetable crops which has the scientific name amaranthus sp can make the body more healthy when consumed regularly. spinach is also able to increase the bodys defense system against disease and helps control the bodys metabolism system.

Benefits Spinach Following :

1. Good for the digestive tract
Spinach has a very beneficial effect for intestinal health. this includes vegetables rich in fiber. if you include them in your diet on a regular basis, guaranteed, you will have no masalah in digestion.

2. Neutralize the effects of sodium
Eating spinach regularly can help stabilize blood pressure. this is because spinach contains a lot of potassium, which serves to neutralize the adverse effects of sodium in the body. if you tend to give too much salt in everything you eat and have not been able to kick the habit, then at least try to eat more foods containing potassium.

3. Beneficial for the cardiovascular system
It has been proven that some components of the protein in spinach can slow change in the peptide angiotensin i to angiotensin ii peptide that can narrow the blood vessels so that blood pressure increases.

not only that, spinach also contains lutein, which is able to prevent the formation of cholesterol plaques and reduces the risk of hypertension.

4. Maintain healthy bones and prevent bleeding
Spinach contains vit. k is responsible for blood clotting. not only is it important to prevent bleeding, vit. k working together with minerals such as phosphorus, copper, zinc, and magnesium to maintain strong bones and healthy as long as possible because it is able to retain calcium. and, spinach is the most perfect of osteoporosis prevention.

5. Antioxidants
Flavonoids contained in spinach can prevent premature aging and cancer risk. seyawa this reduces the effects of free radicals that damage body cells and helps the development of malignant tumors.

6. Strengthens the immune system
Vit. a, c, e, d, and b makes an ideal spinach as a vegetable to help the immune system. because, vitamins keep the number of immune cells in the body so it is enough to tell the body when there is a threat of infection and quickly react to infection.

7. To lose weight
Spinach contains a lot of nutrients, but low in calories so a diet that is right for you who are dieting.
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Ways To Prevent Breast Cancer How To Prevent Breast Cancer

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One way to prevent breast cancer is to change the diet during all this we have lived. Choosing the type of food and beverages as well as diligent exercise is one way to prevent breast cancer that has now become one of the dreaded disease. This was conveyed by Brierley Wright, MS, RD, a master's degree in Nutrition Communication from the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, Tufts University.

Like what kind of food and drink and eat and drink need to avoid breast cancer? More please refer to the following one by one:

As for ways to prevent breast cancer is as follows:

    1 Avoid the use of a bra that is too tight for a long time.
    2 Avoid smoking and consuming alcohol.
    3 Do a breast self-examination every month.
    4 Avoid too much exposure to x-rays or other types of radiation.
    5 Keep your health by consuming fruits and vegetables fresh. Should often consume soy as well as dairy products, such as tofu, tempeh, and soy milk, because soy contains phyto estrogen, which is genistein, which is beneficial to reduce the risk of breast cancer.
    6 Perform regular exercise.
    7 Avoid eating too many high fat foods.
    8 Overcome with stress as well, such as through relaxation and meditation.
    9 Eat salad turmeric puti (Intersection mango) approximately two knuckles every day.

How to detect the symptoms of breast cancer?
You must diligently perform routine breast exams. Here are the steps in the detection of breast cancer:

  • You stood in front of the mirror while lifting both hands on her hips or hands.
  • View symmetry size, shape your breasts. No normal breast swelling and has a parallel form.
  •  Massage nipples, make sure there are no yellow fluid or blood, or white (not breastfeeding)
  • Raba and feel. Use three fingers (index finger, middle finger and ring finger) to feel the breast and do it by turning it clockwise. As you palpate, feel for any lumps or areas that are very hard on your breast area, for example, around the nipple or armpit approach.
  • If there is a lump detected suspect you do not panic. Immediately see a doctor to make sure.

Foods to prevent breast cancer

  • Broccoli. In vegetables, broccoli contains anti-cancer called sulforaphane. These compounds help fight the spread of cancer.
  • Carrots contain carotene, which is beneficial for the body, especially to prevent breast cancer.
  • Turmeric. Turmeric contains a compound called curcumin (curcumin). These compounds play a role in inhibiting a molecule called RANKL, which is a molecule found in tumor cells of breast cancer is deadly and very aggressive.
  • Berry. Types of fruits such as strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, blackberry contain high antioxidant, especially anthocyanins and ellagic acid. Both of these substances can reduce free radical damage to healthy cells.
  • Tomato. Tomatoes also contain antioxidants called licopene, which may slow the growth of breast cancer cells.
    - Lychee. Lychee fruit is known to suppress the growth of cancer cells. This is caused by litchi contains a number of flavonoids, which is effective against breast cancer.
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Sex Benefits for Health

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Sex, when done normally and fairly, can certainly add to the harmony of the household, but if done to excess, of course sex can lead to a weak immune system and would be  more susceptible to infection.

Sex Benefits for Health.

1. Good for the heart
Sex than to express our love for couples was also good for  our heart health. If we do sexually active, it can increase  the heart rate and makes us healthier. Men who have sex  twice a week or more apparently lower risk of heart attack.

2. Losing weight
Sex is considered as one of the physical activity, but the  sec is the kind of fun physical activity compared with the others. And more importantly Sex can participate in  reducing weight. Although not as effective as a treadmill (which can burn 400 calories in 30 minutes, while only sex burns 85 calories), but sex can be done as part of a healthy lifestyle.

3. Avoid disease
Believe it or not it turns out that in doing sex on a regular basis can prevent minor illnesses such as the flu, and be able to improve our immune system. Couples who have sex at least twice a week, the body will have
immunoglobulin A antibodies higher than in couples who have sex more often, with Immunoglobulin A Antibodies higher then our bodies are protected from mild disease and flu. So do not do it to excess.

4. Reduce pain
A hormone produced during sex serves as a pain reliever and can reduce pain during menstruation and painful joints, in addition to various other diseases. The powerful chemicals called oxytocin (a hormone that calms and can reduce blood pressure and cortisol levels), which serves to lower blood pressure and useful if you are having a migraine.
5. Reduce the risk of prostate cancer
Among men, prostate cancer is a common disease suffered by men kamum. However, according to the results of research that men in their 20s reduced risk of prostate cancer after experiencing Ejakulaasi five times or more in seminggi. This has been no clear correlation for older men, but there's nothing wrong if you try.

6. Reduce stress
If we are experiencing stress due to inner pressure, maybe we can reduce it by having sex with one's spouse. Please know sex is medically able to improve mood and can also stimulate the brain to produce good chemicals called endorphins to decrease stress. Sex also can lower blood pressure, and helps soothe.

7. Put you to sleep more soundly
Sex flooding the body with endorphins and oxytocin, which is ideal for relaxation and make you sleep more soundly.

Review above is 7 Health Benefits of Sex For, but remember relates Sex should only be done with their own spouses (bond of marriage) if you do not want to find the inverse of 7 Health Benefits of Sex For such.

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