Sex Benefits for Health

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Sex, when done normally and fairly, can certainly add to the harmony of the household, but if done to excess, of course sex can lead to a weak immune system and would be  more susceptible to infection.

Sex Benefits for Health.

1. Good for the heart
Sex than to express our love for couples was also good for  our heart health. If we do sexually active, it can increase  the heart rate and makes us healthier. Men who have sex  twice a week or more apparently lower risk of heart attack.

2. Losing weight
Sex is considered as one of the physical activity, but the  sec is the kind of fun physical activity compared with the others. And more importantly Sex can participate in  reducing weight. Although not as effective as a treadmill (which can burn 400 calories in 30 minutes, while only sex burns 85 calories), but sex can be done as part of a healthy lifestyle.

3. Avoid disease
Believe it or not it turns out that in doing sex on a regular basis can prevent minor illnesses such as the flu, and be able to improve our immune system. Couples who have sex at least twice a week, the body will have
immunoglobulin A antibodies higher than in couples who have sex more often, with Immunoglobulin A Antibodies higher then our bodies are protected from mild disease and flu. So do not do it to excess.

4. Reduce pain
A hormone produced during sex serves as a pain reliever and can reduce pain during menstruation and painful joints, in addition to various other diseases. The powerful chemicals called oxytocin (a hormone that calms and can reduce blood pressure and cortisol levels), which serves to lower blood pressure and useful if you are having a migraine.
5. Reduce the risk of prostate cancer
Among men, prostate cancer is a common disease suffered by men kamum. However, according to the results of research that men in their 20s reduced risk of prostate cancer after experiencing Ejakulaasi five times or more in seminggi. This has been no clear correlation for older men, but there's nothing wrong if you try.

6. Reduce stress
If we are experiencing stress due to inner pressure, maybe we can reduce it by having sex with one's spouse. Please know sex is medically able to improve mood and can also stimulate the brain to produce good chemicals called endorphins to decrease stress. Sex also can lower blood pressure, and helps soothe.

7. Put you to sleep more soundly
Sex flooding the body with endorphins and oxytocin, which is ideal for relaxation and make you sleep more soundly.

Review above is 7 Health Benefits of Sex For, but remember relates Sex should only be done with their own spouses (bond of marriage) if you do not want to find the inverse of 7 Health Benefits of Sex For such.

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