Effect of Soy for Sexual Health and Fat Sexuality Stomach for Men

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Soy can be found in various products. you can buy soy milk, various types know, protein powder soybeans, and even soy in its alami state as
edamame. soybeans are also known to contain isovlapon good for the body.Isoflavones is very similar to the hormone estrogen, which is not
found in large quantities in men. when the number of large soy consumed, this can affect the levels of testosterone in the male body.

No adverse effect much on men if too much eating isovlapon, as reported by ehow. the effect of including weight gain, number of low sperm, lack of sex drive and erectile problems.

Will be lower testosterone levels in men after naturally age 30. adding large amounts of soy for no man can diet help maintain levels
healthy testosterone.

But if you can eat soy with a number of customizable, you can gain the benefits of soy high in antioxidants. soy has been linked to helping
lower cholesterol because high levels of acid omega-3 fats. it is also beneficial in lowering risk of prostate cancer.

Impotence or erectile dysfunction ( ed ) is one of types of sexual problems experienced by most men. to overcome this condition, doctors usually prescribe medication such as the blue pill or viagra. but the use of drugs only short-term solutions and the need to control power

Studies conducted in australia is indeed small because it only involves 31 volunteers. but the conclusions be important, especially other studies indicate that that obesity and erectile dysfunction ( ed ) is often
go hand in hand.

Fat and male sexual function excess weight, especially fat accumulation in the abdomen, can affect a mans sexual function in many ways.
obesity can interfere with the bodys ability to supply blood to the penis, and cause testosterone production decreased. although the results of studies on slimming and impotence continues.

Evolve, but the facts show that active men physically and have a relatively healthy diet has sex life quality and health conditions prime. the doctors also hope, evidence that slimming efforts can improve sex life will open the eyes of the adam potbellied to be aware of the threat hazards such as heart disease, diabetes and stroke.

You want to talk about prevention. when i talk about restoring penile health, it is will draw attention to them, said kevin billups, md, professor of urology at the university of minnesota, in minneapolis.

Billups added, when the patient consulted on impotence, the first thing he did was ask patient to stand and look at the condition of her stomach. if you can not see your penis, thats a sign of a masalah, said billups. stomach distended, billups said, negative impact on the sexual life of a man way to affect the health of their blood vessels.

Erection occurs when blood vessels to the penis enlarged and causing this vital organ is fully charged with blood. this process begins when the inner lining vessels ( endothelium ) releases nitric oxide, a jenis of molecule that signals the surrounding muscles to relax. viagra and drugs like working with
increase the amount of nitric oxide in the endothelium.

Although scientists have not understood with certainty, obesity can make the damaged endothelial cells. when the endothelium is not work optimally, the penis may not get supplies enough blood to cause or maintain erection.

Erection is basically an event cardiovascular. if the blood flow will not increase because blood vessels do not dilate normally, then there is a decrease in erectile function, said robert a. kloner, md, an expert heart and professor of medicine at the university of southern california keck school of medicine, los angeles. in this latest study, the experts did see the improvement of endothelial function in men losing weight. ( the function was measured by using two different laboratory tests. )

Poor heart health can also cause impotence in other ways. behavior to accumulate fat and lazy exercise that keeps the body fat also contributes the narrowing and hardening of the arteries ( atherosclerosis ), in which cholesterol and other substances are formed and clog in the arterial wall.

Atherosclerosis, known as trigger factors heart attack, also can easily occur on vessels small blood leading to the penis. even kloner said, atherosclerosis initially attacked the small vessels, so this may explain why ed can be will be an early warning sign of heart disease. role of testosterone blood vessel problems are responsible for sebagiab of cases of impotence experienced by obese men over 40 years. but other common causes are low levels of testosterone, which is also associated with obesity. content male sex hormones are high enough important to maintain sex drive and erections.

Low testosterone is often undiagnosed. dan because we are all getting fatter, the phenomenon is increasingly increased, said ronald tamler, md, director of the program mens health at mount sinai medical center, in new york. to those who potbellied, billups often warned that they were wary of falling levels of testosterone. abdominal fat seems to have an effect larger compared to the fat hormone distributed in other parts of the body.

Thats the bad actors who become mediators of the inflammatory and facilitate the entry of various substances into the body ower testosterone levels, said billups. by lowering a little weight can

Improve the function of blood vessels are. but the effect of decreasing weight loss on testosterone levels may not be occur instantaneously. according tamler, man low testosterone and experience impotence, although he berhasul lose weight, it may be necessary consider the use of testosterone gels, injections or patches.

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