Avocado Fruits For Health Benefits

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Avocado fruit benefits : most of you must have tasted delicious avocado fruit and the delicious meat. either eaten directly, made avocado juice, fruit salad, or as a mixture.

Avocado fruit is easily one we encountered in the sellers market or fruit. the fruit is spread almost all over the archipelago and has fans ranging from the bottom to the top.

Several years ago we were still frequently encountered avocado tree in the yard. although not every home at least of the 5 existing planting avocado trees. however, the tree - the tree is only a memory. this is because the avocado tree is suppose to be a breeding ground for caterpillars that can make the itching. that is why from the beginning avocado into your plants is now felled all. if the tree - the tree may be maintained at this time we are still able to feel the benefits of an avocado that is second to none.

It turns out in addition to having good taste., consuming apples regularly can also give a very good effect on your health. substances contained in apples is believed to act as a cure and protect the body against some diseases.

below are some of the benefits of eating apples for a healthy body :

1. Preventing stroke
Some sources assert that we get by eating one avocado a day can prevent sesesorang of stroke. it is influenced by the presence of folic acid in avocado fruit is quite large.

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2. Against free radicals
In addition to the abundant folic acid kontent, it also contains vitamins e and c. previous article we mentioned when the two vitamins are effective against free radicals which can be one of the causes of degenerative diseases.

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3. Caring for eyes
Not only vit. e and c, an avocado is also rich in vit. a is good for eye health. regular consumption is believed to prevent the onset of cataracts and macular disease.

4. Keeping heart to stay healthy
The heart is the most vital organ of the human body. if the heart is not healthy then seseorag life will be disrupted. need regular maintenance to keep the heart healthy. avocados contain folic acid which can be used to treat heart health.

5. Overcoming pain ulcer
Heartburn is very annoying, if youre one of the people with this disease should begin now regularly consume avocado.

6. Preventing prostate cancer
We can not explain exactly how strong the anti-cancer effect of which is owned by an avocado. however, from sources which we obtained an avocado has a substance that can seek and destroy cancer cells. whether this is real or not positive thinking that we must be easy - i hope this news is true.

7. Lowering cholesterol
You have a masalah with cholesterol ? if yes, you should start now borong all avocado fruit that is in store. therefore, one avocado contains a compound that is vital to jamandicate cholesterol beta-sitosterol.

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