Turmeric For Health Benefits

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Benefits of turmeric is very diverse forms, especially to world health, turmeric or often also called Curcuma is a native species of herbs and spices Southeast Asian region, including Indonesia. turmeric or Curcuma is indeed famous as one of the ingredients flavoring for a variety of cuisines, but in addition The benefits of turmeric has turned out thousands Other benefits not to mention the benefits to health and also beauty.

Efficacy of turmeric outstanding is not apart of the content contained in it. Turmeric contains a compound called curcuminoid compounds are compounds with very efficacious as a medium of healing, the curcuminoids itself also consists of curcumin, desmetoksikumin and bisdesmetoksikurkumin and also substances - substances such as essential oils, fats, carbohydrates, protein, starch, vitamins and minerals.

One of the diseases that can be cured with benefits The turmeric is magg disease. One disease This is very disturbing when you're attacking the pain, causing pain and sometimes nausea is indeed very disturbing activities. Magg disease occurs because presence of injuries - injuries to the gastric mucosa due keidak balance between pepsin or gastric acid secretion and mucus. Stess, irregular eating patterns and happy coffee consumption can lead to increased production stomach acid.
The Complete scientific classification of plants turmeric is as follows: Kingdom or kingdoms: Plants (Plantae)
  •  Subkingdom: Included in the vascular plant species or Tracheobionta
  •  Super Division: Login to the seed-producing plants or Spermatophyta
  •  Division: The flowering plants or Magnoliophyta
  •  Classes: Sign in class monocot or plant dashed one (Liliopsida)
  •  Sub Class: turmeric into sub classes Commelinidae Order: Zingiberales
  •  Family or Family: turmeric is still a family with ginger or Zingiberaceae
  •  Genus: Curcuma
  •  Species: Turmeric including species of Curcuma longa L.kunyit.

Benefits to Health
  • Consume turmeric regularly will prevent your risk of cancer and tumors. Turmeric is also rich in antioxidants that can keep health of your skin, and help rejuvenate cells in the body
  • Because turmeric is rich in antioxidants that can eliminate toxins and harmful chemicals that enter into the body.
  • Minimize the risk of leukemia Turmeric may help reduce body weight, then either Similarly, in the current consumption of the diet. Ation launched a breastfeeding mother Can help to expedite the menstrual.

Benefits for Treatment

    Treating Diabetes Mellitus. The way of processing: Prepare 3 turmeric and 1/2 teaspoon salt. Input materials with 1 liter of water, boil until boiling. Filter stew them and then drink 2 times a week, once a drink as much as 1/2 cup. Treat stomach aches when Haid. How to: Prepare 1 Turmeric is approximately 4 cm, 1/2 rhizome kencur size 4 cm, 1 cm ginger rhizome size 4.

 Wash all the ingredients then in the grate and take the water also add a squeeze of lemon juice. Pour boiling water earlier with grated 1/2 cup hot water. That more enjoyable, can also add honey, sugar, and salt according to taste. Drinking on the first day of menstruation. Treating sick Magg and Typhus Hospital. Method 1: Prepare This cloth material-ie, 2 turmeric rhizome, 1 piece sere, 1 bitter leaves. All material is finely ground, squeezed and take the water. Add 1 cup warm water then strain again. Drink the potion for 1 consecutive weeks on a regular basis. Method 2: Set 1 grated turmeric, then squeeze with no added water. Next add turmeric honey in lemon water before, stir until blended. Drink 2 times a day every morning and afternoon. Treating sick Cangkrang (Waterproken). Method: 2 turmeric, 1 handful of hyacinth leaves, then mashed the two ingredients until smooth. Apply this medicine on cangkrang taxable portion. Treating Mucus stools (dysentery).

The trick 1 rhizome turmeric, 1 piece of gambier, 1/4 tablespoon whiting. Then boiled with 2 cups water to boil to 1 cup and filtered. Then drink 2 times day 1/2 cup, morning and afternoon. Treating Diarrhea. Method: turmeric 1/2 finger, penetrance wind 1/2 tsp, Coriander 3 seeds, fruit tree seeds ules 1, Trawas leaves 1 piece. Mix all ingredients then mashed, add water as much as 115 ml. Boil until boiling then filtered.

Drinking time when the morning and evening, to drink as much as 100 ml Facilitate breastfeeding. Method: 1 turmeric rhizome pounded until smooth, kamdianunakan: applied as a compress around each breast 1 time every 2 days.  That's some of the benefits of turmeric for health and medicine. If there is a latest info about the other benefits will be in add here. But for those of you who suffer from unnecessary magg worry no more as a way of treatment for the disease magg
can be done in a way that is easy and inexpensive by use of turmeric as a medicine. There are several
ways that you can use to get benefits of turmeric this:

The first way

  •     Prepare 2 to 3ruas turmeric
  •     Wash Turmeric - Turmeric is to clean
  •     Peel the outer skin
  •     Grate the turmeric keudian squeeze and take the water

To drink.
    Performed twice a day

The second way

  •     Prepare 5 vertebra turmeric
  •     Wash thoroughly
  •     Cut - cut the saffron into pieces
  •     Boil the turmeric iisan along with cinnamon
  •     Drink boiled water at the time of starting magg attack.

The third way
  •     Prepare some stretches of turmeric
  •     Peel and then wash thoroughly
  •     Parutlah turmeric and then boiled until boiling
  •     Strain the cooking water and mix with egg yolks and raw sugar
Thus a variety of ways that can be used to magg cure with turmeric benefits. Way you wear depends on your taste.

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