Active Sex During Pregnancy Benefits Many

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Sex during pregnancy is safe and it is strongly recommended by the doctors. as long as the pregnancy is healthy and strong, having sex while pregnant actually provides many benefits for both the wife and husband. Uf bagazi obstetricians, spog of brawijaya woman & children hospital said, sex during pregnancy can be done from the first to the third trimester, depending on the convenience of the family.

Convenience sex varies depending on the individual. generally women experience a decline in interest related to the early trimester so maybe they do not feel comfortable. some women may not feel it, but felt uncomfortable in the last trimester because her belly was huge, said bagazi.

Nevertheless, many of the benefits of the activities of sex during pregnancy. here bagazi menuturkannya some of them.

1. Increase intimacy
Not only meet the biological needs, will increase the intimacy sex couples. when pregnant women tend to devote his attention to her pregnancy so that may make intimacy slightly reduced.

2. Improve blood circulation
Sex triggers the production of adrenaline and increased heart rate, thus increasing blood circulation. increased blood circulation to improve the supply of oxygen to the entire body, including to the fetus.

3. Analgesic
Activities of sex with a partner will increase the production of the happy hormone erdorfin. this hormone can reduce pain so that it serves as an analgesic.

4. Smooth skin
Having sex while pregnant can make your skin smoother. the reason, sex hormone estrogen helps improve the skin smooth.

5. Burn fat
Sex activity has been shown to increase fat burning, as well as that done during pregnancy. then sex activity may help keep the weight does not rise excessively in pregnancy.

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