Benefits of Orgasm Is Good For Your Health and Your Partner.

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Achieving orgasm is a lot of people desire when making love with your beloved spouse. in addition to your partner happy, it turns out there are several

benefits of orgasm is good for your health and your partner.

1. Mr. p and ms. v stay healthy

Orgasms make you healthy genital organs. extra stimulation of orgasm makes the blood flowing to the genital tissues, keeping him fresh. for best results, you

have to reach orgasm at least once a week.

2. Increase endurance sick

By achieving orgasm, your endurance to pain is increased. the reason, a study stating that a good orgasm can double endurance sick. not only that, an orgasm

is an analgesic, not the anesthetic, which means it can suppress pain without affecting sensitivity to touch.

3. Protect your heart

Sexual activity and orgasm may reduce stress because it produces a hormone called oxytocin or cuddling that comes with orgasm. research also indicates that

orgasms can make your blood pressure lower blood pressure while high can trigger a heart attack.

4. Sleep more soundly

Orgasm turned out to help you sleep better. in addition to increasing confidence and bond between you and your partner, oxytocin also triggers the production

of endorphins. endorphin this often has the effect drugging. so, do not be surprised if you sleep well after having an orgasm.

5. Lose weight

To stay in shape and lose weight, orgasm is one way. having sex for 30 minutes apparently also burn your calories. in a half-hour session, you can burn at

least 200 calories, of course, include one to three times orgasm.

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