Healthy Tips to Clean Ears

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Remove debris in the ear. however, did you know a healthy way to clean ears ? ear canal is known to be very fragile and soft, making it easy to get hurt when cleaned. remember, indiscriminate digging of the risk of causing ear infections. heres a healthy way to clean ears, as reported boldsky.

Sometimes we are too careless and assume sepeleh masalah removing dirt in the ear by using dangerous tools such as wooden matches or similar hard object that we korekkan on ear when it itches. it is a risky way and unhealthy. but if you want to know the right way to clean the ears follow the steps below.


Step 1 apply 3-4 drops of baby oil into the ear before bed with a syringe. you can buy a syringe - no needle - in pharmacies. to apply baby oil, tilt your head with your ear facing upward, toward the ceiling. open your ears a bit so that the oil can get into the ear canal easily.

Step 2 apply a drop of baby oil on a piece of cotton. then, use it to stuff my outer ear. the goal is that oil that has been inserted into the ear does not contaminate clothing or pillow when it came out.
Step 3 let the baby oil remain in your ears for 15 minutes. the length of time cleaning depends on whether there is any blockage in the ear. if you are experiencing sumbata dirt in the ear, then take some time to soften the dirt. 15 minutes is enough time for ear cleaning standards.

Step 4 remove the cotton balls from his ears and waste. then fill the syringe with warm water. this will clean up the remnants of the sticky dirt in the ear canal.

Step 5 remove the water from the ear by turning the head to the opposite direction. put a clean towel just below the ears to accommodate the rest of the water. repeat this step five in the other ear.

All you need is :
1. baby oil
2. injections without needles
3. clean cotton
4. clean towels

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