Dressing Tips for Choosing a Good and Healthy

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Menstruation or perhaps also known as the menstrual cycle, typically approached women with monthly cycles. well jenis, types, and the selection of sanitary napkins are sold in the market, also determines whether to comfortably during menstruation or even vice versa. during menstruation, women also need to be diligent to change pads that are not easily irritated, injured, when blood came out. maintain the cleanliness around the sex organs could reduce the risk of disease.

Sanitary products already in the market is more practical. but unfortunately, not all of these pads quality. every woman should be smart in choosing the appropriate dressing to the area because not all of her feminine pads are safe to use. if one chose, then you will be attacked by various diseases such as itching, odor, vaginal discharge, cancer etc.. well, here we berbagi panduan on how to choose a good dressing for women to be healthy, and comfortable when your period comes.

Select pads that can absorb body fluids that come out perfectly, so the surface stays dry and free pads moist and does not cause irritation or itching of the intimate and vital part of femininity.

Try to choose a soft fabric pads for those who are sensitive. choose well pads that do not cause allergies. if youve tried one brand of pads, but was experiencing problems in the area of ? female skin, immediately replace it with another brand that is more friendly.

Avoid the use of pads containing perfume. because fragrance on pads it will make the skin more irritated. where possible choose pads that keep skin can breathe.

Change pads as often as possible. especially in conditions when are high. a woman having menstrual periods approximately 400-450 along age, which lasted for three or seven days. if menstruation lasts for five days and changing pads four times, then along his age he would spend around 8, 000 bandages.

Use pantyliner highly recommended for women who remove any last traces of excess fluid. choose pentyliner that fits your needs and your skin condition.

In addition to choosing a good and proper dressing, how to dress during menstruation also need to be noticed. best to avoid the use of clothing made from nylon hot as a hot and can not absorb sweat. you are advised to use the pants to position the pads do not move much. also, avoid the use of pants that are too tight as it can cause some errors due to the overlap of sweat.

When not menstruating, you dapoat use pantyliner for daily activity. pentyliner this function so that v region remained dry conditions. however, you must often change pentyliner so as not to get wet. as well as selecting your pads should also choose pentyliner made from soft and safe. selection of wrong pads or pentyliner will cause problems or diseases such as cervical cancer ( cervical cancer ).

This disease is one jenis of cancer that occurs in the cervix or cervical area. the cervix is ? ;? ;the part of the uterus that connects the uterus to the upper vagina. cervical cancer is likely to appear in women aged 33-35 years, but can also appear at a younger age.

But there are things that need to be observed, inter alia :

Pads that have a high absorption during menstruation will help out a lot more. it also prevents the pads become leaky and stain clothing. sanitary napkins.

2. Comfortable to wear.
Choose a comfortable pads that do not interfere with daily activities.

3. Odorless.
Its good select napkin that has no particular scent. the scent pads containing certain chemicals instead. for those with sensitive skin, this will only make the vagina becomes itchy and irritated.

4. Select qualified.

Bandages are made from quality materials will be noticeably softer on the skin. these factors will reduce skin irritation in the vaginal area.

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