Benefits Of Aloe Vera For Health and Medicine

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Communities in indonesia would be familiar with aloe vera. this herb is very popular among the people. most of the people make the aloe vera plant as a decorative plant for its leaves which shape is unique and beautiful. but who would have thought. behind the beauty of it, it turns aloe vera has many excellent benefits for the bodys health and beauty.

Aloe vera mengadung some mineral elements good for the body, such as zinc, sodium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron, and calcium. in addition, the gel contained within the aloe vera also contains 75 biologically active ingredients, wherein the active ingredient is beneficial to human health.

In taking this plant, people generally still use aloe topically, but you can make it as a drug in a way makes it a juice, or made ​ ;​ ;similar nata.

Not only that aloe vera also contains 72 kinds of useful substances and some kontent of more than 200 other compounds. among these substances include :

  • Enzymes that help digestion and prevent inflammation.
  • all kinds of vitamins except vit. d.
  • contains minerals necessary enzymes
  • containing 20 of the 22 types of amino acids
  • the kontent of saponin, as an anti-microbe

Here are the benefits of aloe vera for health and medicine :

  • Detoxification : aloe vera juice bikinan, can serve as a neutralizing toxins that enter the body naturally. but it also contains a lot of vitamins and minerals that can also help the body cope with stress.
  • Lowering blood sugar levels diabetes : denagn consume half spoons of aloe juice drink for 14 days has been shown to lower blood sugar levels as much as 45% of people with diabetes.
  • Immune system : the kontent of anti-oxidants in aloe vera can increase the bodys resistance and immunity.
  • Treat digestive disorder : aloe vera plant is also beneficial to overcome irritable bowel, ulcers lamubung, stomach feels hot, and calm esophagus and acid reflux overcome.
  • Treating burns : gel of aloe vera has been known and has been for many years dugunakan treat burns.
  • Maintaining oral health : aloe vera is also beneficial oral health, especially the deteriorating gums.
  • Overcoming bruises and cuts in : aloe vera can treat bruises and internal injuries.
  • Treating blood urine : with 15 grams of aloe vera preparing for extortion and plus 300 g sugar water mix to taste rice.
  • Skin care : aloe vera can maintain skin moisture, eliminate acne, remove scars, treat acne, detoxify the skin, reduce inflammation, repair and skin rejuvenation.
  • Dealing with dandruff, hair loss and baldness : since ancient times aloe vera is widely used as a drug to treat dandruff and itching on the hair. you do this by rubbing aloe vera on the hair and scalp, leave on for 40-60 minutes, then rinse with shampoo to clean. 
Use of aloe vera plant in the world of beauty:

  • As face masks.
  • Restore freshness to the eyes.
  • Beautify nails, as well as
  • Restore skin color

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