Ways to Push Up the Right and Benefits

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Push-ups in a way that can actually strengthen your arms and abdominal muscles, but if one happens to do push ups will actually make good effects on the body. then how the hell attitude or push up position correct ? here are tips on doing push ups correctly and effectively.

Steps to perform push-ups the right way :
1. You do not need to use a mat to do push-ups, because you can do it directly on the floor.

2. Put your hands on the floor with wide open position. foot rests on the panduan of your toes, until the whole body can be supported with a straight and perfect.

3. Lower your shoulders to form a 90-degree elbow.

4. Then he took a breath, push the arm up to the shoulder and straight.

Push up the good done when the stomach is empty, the morning and afternoon. for beginners are advised to conduct two series of push-ups every day ( 25 times / series ). then gradually improved.

Push up benefits for the body, such as the

1. Muscle toning
Diligent push ups will tighten the muscles in particular 2. arm.
2.Preventing osteoporosis
Push ups can also strengthen bones thus preventing it from kropos bones or osteoporosis.
3. Longevity
A study from the university of greifswald conducted over seven years, showed that diligently doing push-ups can increase testosterone levels in the body. this testosterone prevents the risk of diabetes, hypertension, and obesity.
4 Flatten belly fat
Push ups are one exercise that light and complimentary to tackle belly fat.

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