Benefits Of Oat Meal Mask For Skin Beauty

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If at this time you said it was not like oat meal, you should try little by little. because, there are many benefits that you get from eating oat meal. if you did not use it for your health, you may be able to use it for the beauty of your skin. yes, oat meal is not only food that nourish the body, but using oat meal mask on the skin, it will also affect your skins beauty.

Has long been known as the oatmeal is a healthy diet, low in calories and low in cholesterol. mengonkonsumsi oat meal, can also help solve your obesity masalah. some people said, simply consuming oat meal for a week, can help the success of your diet program. its just that sometimes taste of oat meal or too bland taste of milk, causing food wheat and corn cereal is not a lot of rage. you can get information about the role in oat meal that we created earlier article, namely, troubleshooting choose tengan night makanan ringan menu.
four reasons why oat meal mask adding beauty skin

According to the fda, oat meal mask was instrumental in removing dryness and inflammation of the skin. inflammation of the skin that can be treated with oat meal mask, like a red rash on the skin, inflammation from insect bites and eczema problems.

Dr.. amy wechsler, a dermatologist from the united states also said the same thing, about the efficacy of the use of oat meal mask for skin beauty. according to him, there are four skin beauty benefits that can be obtained when using a mask seseoarang oat meal routine.

There are four reasons why your skin adores oatmeal, explains dr. amy wechsler, dermatologist from new york, usa.

1. Against drought : oatmeals contain polysaccharides, which become gelatinous in water and leave a good protective layer on the skin, preventing skin dull, dry and scaly.

2. Moisturizing : oatmeal is rich in healthy fats that can moisturize the skin

3. Skin defense : the protein in oatmeal help maintain the skins alami barrier function, which ensures that dead skin and dirt that comes from the outside does not enter into the required while still seep into.

4. Cleaning pores : oatmeals filled with alami cleansers ( called saponins ) that gently remove dirt and oil from pores.

To reap all the benefits, wechsler recommends using oatmeal mask one to two times a week. heres his recipe super simple and required materials already in your kitchen

Healthy fat kontent contained in oat meal, will give effect moustirizing, or skin moisturizing effect. thus making the skin appear more glossy and bright. in addition, there is also oat meal in polysaccharides, which when dissolved in water, will turn into a gelatinous. the kontent of this polysaccharide also helps the skin to avoid dryness. dry skin is highly undesirable people, since it causes a dull and accelerate the contraction.

Consuming oat meal, means also increase the intake of protein into the body, because the oat meal is very rich in protein. the presence of protein, means it will help the regeneration of body cells. if used as a mask oat meal, the protein will be instrumental in helping to deter ang substances will damage the skin, and helps absorb useful substances to the skin.

Basically protein is very beneficial for the body immunity, so that when the bodys immunity to be better, then the harmful substances that will make the skin become damaged too easily prevented.

The latter is, the kontent of saponins present in oat meal, very useful to cleanse skin pores are dirty due to dust and other impurities.
dispensing oat meal mask your own

Oat meal mask memnag very rarely traded. however, you can create your own. how to make oat meal mask was fairly quick and easy.

Prepare 2 tablespoons of oat meal, which is smooth in a blender. put oat meal powder in warm water and add half a teaspoon of honey. you can use oat meal mask after cooler, and of course, after you wash your face thoroughly.

He put on a mask oat meal, you can also do massage on the face, so that it can be absorbed zat0zat useful. it also helps you become more relaxed.

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