Health Tips For Breastfeeding Mothers

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Breastfeeding is beneficial activity for the baby. infants aged under 2 years., really need to change ation. but it's not only beneficial breastfeeding for baby, then the mother can also feel its usefulness. so many medical studies suggest that breastfeeding could hold the women from breast cancer. Health Tips For Breastfeeding Mothers.

1. Breastfed baby whenever he asked
a lot of mothers who schedule pemberisan ation. This subject should be avoided because of the mother's milk production capacity of many kinds. the smaller the production, the more often and longer breastfeeding baby. as well as the baby itself that weighs just know when she needs to feed.

2. Wear comfortable clothes
Mothers really convenient if started while breastfeeding breastfeeding clothes are okay to use. Therefore wear loose and not tight. specify the exact materials that make the mother comfortable.

Today many breastfeeding wear that comes with a wide variety of styles that you can specify. used clothes especially for breastfeeding, the mother certainly would be more comfortable to wear because indeed designed according to the needs and health of the mother.

3. Tips for working mothers
Course for nursing mothers need utmost reduce working hours. but if indeed need to work, to strive for when his work outside the residence semapatkanlah his best to feed the baby. once before when leaving work, your next afternoon after work and once after you eat dinner. but like tips number 2, you need to be ready whenever the baby as well ask this last being most nights.

4. Breastfeeding tips are night

If you're tired and need a night feeding, breast milk can be put in the bottle so that the baby can be given at any time. but do not give the baby breast milk stored through 2x24.
Besides that if you start putting less comfortable ation in the bottle, not wanting pingin you need to feed the baby being night. This can be circumvented using clothes breastfeeding / nursing wear while sleeping. if using nursing wear, women can breastfeed anytime and anywhere comfortably.

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