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Actually no valid measures regarding the ideal body weight, ideal body weight because it depends on your activity day 1 day. ideal weight of a sportsman is definitely not the same as normal weight people who work as employees.

Many ways to do a diet to lose weight. for example like a lingering sports, fitness, diet, and especially too excessive that it can create more stress. but there koq easy and fun way to lose weight without the stress created. real weight loss secret that the good performance of metabolism. the metabolic rate of the body's power to burn the food that was consumed. Researchers believe that a good metabolic equivalent program ended with various types of diets.

Many hormonal changes that take place when we are teenagers. This has resulted in the ongoing regarding changes in our physical, starting from body odor, acne, weight gain until we were riding.

If we are not smart set diet, our bodies might have to be heavy in the still very young age. if it had been so, it helps us find a novel way so as not to bother and we will lose weight. The following tips lose weight

1. Eat less fried foods
fried foods very jamant to put trans fats that can increase cholesterol and the resulting accumulation of excess fat in the body too. and eat good food by the way boiled, roasted, spiced, steamed or soup.

2. ating brown rice
replace white carbs with complex carbs that come from brown rice can further accelerate weight loss system formation. These carbohydrates take longer to be digested by the body, until the stomach feel full longer. not just red rice that contain complex carbohydrates that is, potatoes (boiled), nuts and whole grain bread.

3. Stay away from fast food
junk food or fast food jamant to do with fat. the fast food habit is certainly more weight you can excess, and therefore stay away from junk food type to get the ideal body weight

4. Stay away from soda drinks that contain a lot of calories
on small bottles of soft drinks contain around 250 calories that come from sugar. and the impact of kerapkalinya a fizzy drink for women are likely to be affected by obesity, diabetes or osteoporosis. and soft drinks is no content of vit ..

5. Reduce the portion of your meal
reduce slightly the portion of food every day, this can be done by gradually until half portion of the routine at first.

6. Eat often
eat less but more often better than eating a lot but rarely eat 5 times the first day, but with a small portion of the body's metabolism to make more and better ways to help lose weight. then by eating small meals often is not easy to make you hungry to stem hunger and excessive appetite.

7. Lots of fruits and vegetables
swapping food snacks with fruits and vegetables is highly recommended if we are pingin lose weight, in addition to fruits and vegetables also make a good health and nutrient content due to have vit. dibutuhkakn by the body.

8. Drinking water before mealtime
drink water before meal times can reduce hunger, to be able to reduce the content of your meal portions. besides that it is also useful to add water metabolism in the body.

9. Diligent exercise
if you have a regular exercise schedule, as well as the portion imbuhkan time to exercise. middle for guys who do not have a regular schedule, as soon as possible can come to the gym. and can use the elliptical trainer approximately 40 minutes + 5 day period, but it can make the body avail more sehar and fresh.

10. laugh
laughing 100 times is equivalent to in fact end up spending 15 minutes with cycling power. laughter is beneficial to reduce stress hormones and can do the repair person's metabolic system. This subject also had an influence on the improvement of the immune system / immune system by increasing T cell that produces antibodies.

11. A cold shower
researchers said cold shower can add your metabolism. Low water temperatures can lead to ongoing muscle contraction and body shivering, could add up to a person's metabolism.

body can actually try to return to normal temperature at the time felt low temperatures. then the body can warm up and activate the immune system to produce more white blood cells.

12. Eat pineapple
in fact pineapple contains bromelain substances. These substances have immediate benefits on the digestive system and can help the absorption of nutrients from food. bromelain in the fruit is also the added benefit of pancreatic cells to break down food substances, can speed up the body's metabolism.

13. Drinking green tea
studies show that catechin contained in green tea can help increase the metabolism and reduce the level of body mass index. green tea is beneficial to get rid of LDL (bad cholesterol).

14. Eating spices
researchers say could help the performance of chili metabolism. capsaicin produced by spicy foods one can oxidize fat composition. spicy foods can also increase heart rate, produce more power, up to the higher calories burned.

15. Tips above is useful to increase the body's metabolism. but kept in mind, exercise and eating nutritious foods continues then factor the absolute level of a person's weight.

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