Benefits of Bananas to Beauty and Health

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Benefits of banana the following this is very good for health and beauty we day-to-day. with the existence diverse such benefits, can become generating inspiration us for preserve and cultivate tastes our families for as often as may consume the fruit bananas. fruit bananas is a fruit who multi function. could be for anything. ranging from stem, leaf, flowers, until its fruit all beneficial for us.

Bananas contain potassium which is very much. potassium can reduce the pressure of the blood pressure, staged delivery of oxygen to the brain, and maintain the health of our heart. for more details you could read the reviews the full in fruit benefits pisang for those of health. benefits of fruit bananas utuk beauty is extremely a lot. for more details, directly course we refer to with his description about a million benefits fruit bananas to kecantikandan the health.

Benefits of fruit bananas for health :

below are some of the health benefits of bananas for the body, inter alia :

  • improve intelligence brain. the trik with consumes bananas 3 times a a day as washers mulut. dapat improve catching power and concentration.
  • Treat bowel disease and stomach. its vit. c kontent is useful as an inflammatory defense. how to grab a banana and then mixed with liquid milk can be presented as a cure bowel disease.
  • Maintain intestinal health. high fiber kontent of could sustain and restore intestinal health.
  • Helps smooth blood circulation. potassium kontent and potassium serves to help the bodys circulation, so that the circulation of oxygen to the brain to be smooth. potassium also capable assist heart rate so regularly, reduce the the risk the occurrence of stroke and regulate blood pressure so that normal.
  • For patients with lever. consuming 2 pieces bananas together spoon honey, could increase appetite.
  • As one of one source manpower. womb the sugar in bananas with easily can be digested and converted into source of manpower, so it very nice for eliminate a sense of penderitadiabetes. bananas distinctive gorontalo ( north sulawesi ) goroho which steamed and mixed with shredded coconut young, is used as an additional food for sufferers.
  • Lose weight. panduan healthy diet with eating 4 fruit bananas and 4 glasses of of milk non fat or could with liquid milk every day say the least 3 days inside a week, will help lose weight. only 1250 calories and the menu is fit and healthy enough.
  • Treating mosquito bites. the trik : apply a small amount banana skin part inside into bentolan the skin the former bitten mosquito on the skin. believed to reduce itching and red mosquito bites.
  • For patients with anemia. the trik with consume 2 fruit bananas every day. already enough because it contains zat besi ( fe which is high.
  • Reduce menstrual pain. womb vit. b6 his or her which high enough will help reduce sugar levels in the blood which can damage the mood and make menstrual pain.

The benefits fruit bananas for beauty

  • To lift the skin cells dead. the trik : grab fruits pisang and strawberry then cut small-small, then destroy until smooth. add two tablespoons of olive oil, stirring until smooth, do not forget an extra half cup of sugar, stir again until completely blended. apply on the skin, rub gently to exfoliate dead skin, let stand for a moment and then rinse with clean water. do regularly a week once a.
  • Tighten the breast skin. the kontent of vit. e in healthy kulit. langkahnya useful bananas : bananas are crushed to a pulp, add one tablespoon of honey, mix well. then dab on the breast area and let it dry. ago rinse with warm water new is rinsed with cold water. perform one week once a.
  • Able to brighten the skin. trik, crushed bananas to a pulp, add oatmeal to taste and stir until evenly distributed. apply on face, let it 10-15 minutes, rinse with warm water. do it at least once a week.
  • For soften the skin. how, to prepare half a banana and avocado, ago blender until well blended, add one spoon of olive oil and two tablespoons of yoghurt, stir until blended. apply on face, let stand during 15 minutes, later rinse with warm water, then rinse with rose water. perform every week once. 

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